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5942Update for the RCGDS Adopt-A-Mile

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  • Jef Spencer
    Feb 22, 2010

      The RCGDS Mile


      Recap:  The RCGDS has adopted a mile of the American River Parkway.  We are now Stewards responsible for keeping this mile pristine for all to enjoy.


      While I am getting a cache up and running to help facilitate out group’s stewardship of Mile 22S of the American River Parkway I wanted to get everyone up to speed.  So for those who are itching to get out there I have included some information below.


      Our main charge is litter removal for the mile.  Major cleanups and other projects will be handled with CITO events throughout the year.  We need to get in a minimum of 20 hours per quarter maintaining the mile.  This should not be a problem with a group of our size.


      Anyone who participates in the ongoing cleanup effort will need to complete one of the foundation’s Waiver of Liability.  Here is a link to the forms for your review.  Please take the time to print one up, fill it out and send it to me so that I can begin coordination with the Parkway Foundation.  Everyone will need to complete ONE of these each year.(One for each member of the family participating)  Fill one out now and you won’t have to worry about it again for the rest of the year.


      Volunteer Form 2010


      Waiver for those under 18



      Please complete and send to my attention:  Don't forget to include your Geocaching & Real Names!!

      Jef Spencer

      RCGDS/ARPF Coordinator

      5831 Revelstok Drive

      Sacramento , CA 95842


      I will NOT be keeping these forms(or information) at my home for any reason.  I will just be forwarding them to the appropriate contact at the foundation so that our group is covered and gets credit.


      Now, if you do decide to go out for a weekend of caching, and CITO along the mile, please use the following link to submit your hours online.

      Click here to submit your hours!!

      (Thanks to Ben Ford for turning me on to Google Docs)


      Now for the mile details – We have adopted the one mile stretch from Hazel Ave West .  Behind the Nimbus Fish Hatchery, South side of the river.  The western boundary is near N38 37.908 W121 14.138.  We cover from the river front to the housing fences with the bike trail in between.


      Thanks to all who participate!!  More information, and hopefully a cache, to follow soon!!

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