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5934Re: [NUTS] help for the 60csx

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  • Bill Mattish
    Jan 2, 2010
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      One way you can check the uploaded caches is to open another instance of Mapsource and download the waypoints. From there you can determine the number of caches downloaded and check their validity. Of course unless you have deleted the previously loaded waypoints from the gpsr you will have to take them into consideration. Another point, the 60csx does display message when the 1000 waypoint limit is exceeded. You just don't know what waypoints were not transfered.
      Bill M (aka Mtnshasta)
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      When you do the upload via GSAK, doesn’t it give you a confirmation of the number of points uploaded?  Or do you want confirmation beyond that as well?  Personally, I’m just as likely to trust a dialog box from GSAK as I am one from Garmin :-).  I’m usually less concerned that the SW worked than I am about “operator error” on my part.  Things like: “Did I try to put more than 1000 wpts in the unit?” or “Are the waypoints I loaded the ones I really wanted to load?” (I’ve uploaded the wrong file before and arrived at a location only to realize that I didn’t have the points I was expecting), so I usually either scroll over to lay eyes on the waypoints or do a find to see if it looks like what I expected.

      Have fun!

      The SKWERL

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      wow, that worked great, I only see two boxes but loaded two gsak files so think they are fine. didn't keep zooming once I saw those gold boxes.  gee I wish this unit would verify they really go a lot easier.  so used to a double check on my explorist.  thanks so much for the answer, it worked and now i can pack it.


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