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5933RE: [NUTS] help for the 60csx

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  • Bryan Wright
    Jan 2, 2010

      When you do the upload via GSAK, doesn’t it give you a confirmation of the number of points uploaded?  Or do you want confirmation beyond that as well?  Personally, I’m just as likely to trust a dialog box from GSAK as I am one from Garmin :-).  I’m usually less concerned that the SW worked than I am about “operator error” on my part.  Things like: “Did I try to put more than 1000 wpts in the unit?” or “Are the waypoints I loaded the ones I really wanted to load?” (I’ve uploaded the wrong file before and arrived at a location only to realize that I didn’t have the points I was expecting), so I usually either scroll over to lay eyes on the waypoints or do a find to see if it looks like what I expected.


      Have fun!


      The SKWERL


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      wow, that worked great, I only see two boxes but loaded two gsak files so think they are fine. didn't keep zooming once I saw those gold boxes.  gee I wish this unit would verify they really go a lot easier.  so used to a double check on my explorist.  thanks so much for the answer, it worked and now i can pack it.


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