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5931RE: [NUTS] help for the 60csx

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  • Bryan Wright
    Jan 2, 2010
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      By default the 60CSx searches by distance. It won't show waypoints a few thousand miles away. When the list of waypoints comes up if you push the Menu key it will allow you to search by name (which does not take distance into account). Alternately if you zoom/scroll waaaaaay out on the map the waypoints should be out there in FL.

      Hope this helps,

      The SKWERL


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      Are they local caches or Florida caches? I'm thinking it won't display the caches in Florida until you get there. Have you tried loaded some caches near you just to make sure they are really there?


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      I have a garmin 60csx that I have used once about 2 years ago. I want to take it to Florida next week as my back up gpsr and can't see if my caches loaded. I loaded it from Gsax and it says it went but when I look in Geocaches or waypoints nothing shows. I transferred doing it through "its connected." does it have to transfer in USB mass storage mode? Is there a way to find the caches on the gpsr to make sure they are really there? I had this problem before so gave up on this unit. maybe you can help me fall in love with it. any help would really be appreciated as my main gpsr is having a little trouble and don't want to totally count on it making it through the trip.
      thanks so much.

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