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  • thrak
    Dec 29, 2009
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      I made my hotel reservations for GW VIII yesterday. I booked 2 nights at
      the Redmond Inn. If you use the code "geowoodstock" the rate drops a
      bit. I got the room for $12/night less than its normally listed for. Not
      a huge saving but that's an extra $24 in MY pocket rather than in the
      hotel's cash drawer. :) The GW VIII web site has hotel info to help
      with finding lodging if needed. Remember, just logging a "will attend"
      log on the cache page doesn't get you registered for the event. You have
      to go to the web site for registration. It seems that a meal isn't
      included with the free registration this year. To get the meal you have
      to have an upgraded registration. You can check things out at the web
      site: http://www.geowoodstock.com/

      Hope to see a number of you N.U.T.S. there for the Meet & Greet on July
      3, and for the actual event on the 4th of July.
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