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5918Re: [NUTS] New California Law?

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  • Sierra Rat
    Dec 17, 2009
      I too read that part of the vehicle code. So this part isn't a "new" law as my wife's friend claims. The next, I guess, is to understand what the existing law means. While I'm now in my 60's, I don't have to peek through the steering wheel to see the road. With the beanbag-GPS in the center of my dash, the only view it is blocking is part of the car's hood, not any part of the road. So would blocking/obscuring my view of the hood be a violation? I think not. I tend to agree that the police and Highway Patrol have other things to do and I have never been bothered in the past. I just wanted to be sure there was no new law out there.

      Thanks for the replies, Jack
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