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  • ibhexed
    Jul 23, 2009
      If you have an iPhone and you cache I think you'd be crazy not to have the geocache app from groundspeak. I still use my Garmin for the majority of cache searches. But I count on my app for posting field notes, checking descriptions in the field, falling back on the hint and even reading recent logs.

      I was in San Francisco recently and decided to hunt a cache near Union Square (the cache was called Bamboo Alley). The coordinates got you to a location but signals in the city can be sketchy amongst the buildings. This cache hider had about 5 water color paintings in the cache description and from GZ you had to look at the first water color and then find that area around you and go there. Then you looked at the next painting and so on until you found the cache. The beauty of the iPhone app was all the watercolors were there in the description. No need to remember or print out the images.

      Yesterday I loaded 2 new caches in my Garmin and went and got them. Then I searched for other nearby caches on the iPhone and just used the app to make 7 more finds before I headed home.

      If you solve a puzzle cache you can add a waypoint in the app of the actual cache location. No need to write it on paper which usually disappears by the time I need it.

      I can ramble on and on about this app. Bottom line....I count on it so much that I'd be lost without it now.

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