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  • loststarproductions
    Jul 23 7:21 AM
      --- In nuts_@yahoogroups.com, "plunksfroggy" <plunksfroggy@...> wrote:
      > There are several geocaching programs available at the App Store. Which ones do I need to download? Thanks.
      > PS I'm practically illiterate technologically, so simple answers are best.


      The iPhone app from Groundspeak is by far the best. There are others, but for what you are looking for, I would stick with the gs app to start. There are the other apps, and I have tried them all.
      The groundspeak app has all the features you will need and use. And it is user friendly. After all, had not I found this app, I probably still would not know what geocaching is today. It has proven very useful. Though it still has bugs to be ironed out. For the most part it is stable and worth the 9.99.
      As others have said that it is great when you have solid signal. But forget it when out in the sticks unless you have downloaded a pocket query before you lose your signal.
      I enjoy this app, but do not forget your GPSr for back up.
      The alternate app I use is the "Geocaching with geosphere" app.
      This one is great for puzzle and multi's.

      Hope this helps and happy caching,

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