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5801Northern California DeLorme Challenge

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  • Jack
    Jul 12, 2009
      After reading about the proposed State of Jefferson Challenge, I thought I would try to complete the Northern DeLorme Challenge. However, I ran into two problems. First, the Northern California DeLorme Atlas is out of print and only a total California Atlas is available from the publisher. I've looked on Amazon and owners of used Northern California DeLorme Atlas are asking from $50 - $900 for these books (they must be in high demand). I was considering buying the new Atlas that has all of California, but I'm unable to verify if the grids/maps are comparable to the old Atlas. Secondly, I was going to ask the owner of the Northern California Challenge cache, but s/he hasn't logged-in since August 2008.

      Does anyone know if the new and old map/grids are the same. I guess since the owner no longer logs-in I could use the new maps and just go on my way, but part of me wants to complete the original challenge. Any thoughts?
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