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5799re: State of Jefferson DeLorme Challenge

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  • redhawk2853@msn.com
    Jun 19, 2009


      Hi folks, just received this from the appeals@...  regarding our effort to create a State of Jefferson DeLorme Challenge. For those who have heard of our efforts to place this unusual challenge we are sorry that it will apparently NOT happen. Below is the response to our appeal. Sorry Professor!
      Greetings rock&crystal, and thank you for writing to Groundspeak about your challenge cache.

      Your State of Jefferson Counties Challenge GC1TVK1 was published today.

      Your State of Jefferson DeLorme Challenge GC1TVMP is essentially a duplicate challenge on an identical theme and we believe it is inappropriate to publish it. Also, DeLorme Challenges have historically been about finding a cache on each page of a specific DeLorme book, not selected pages from multiple books 


      Brad Webb
      Groundspeak - The Language of Location

      Ticket Details
      Ticket ID: VOI-410855
      Department: Cache Appeals
      Priority: Medium
      Status: Open
      We of course do not share this opinion and as residents of the State of Jefferson find this to be just one more case of injustice. The rationale based on the issue of "duplication" seems odd as most States now have BOTH a Counties and DeLorme Challenge.
      Well, now that we've stirred the pot (Groundspeak received a more radical rsponse, which may or may not be shared later), we are off to the southwest for some caching, rockhounding, adventures, and certainly less oppression.
      Cache happy, R&C grrrrr!  [:D]

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