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5787Quick To Find Competition - It is coming

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  • quadmft
    Jun 5, 2009
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      I figured that I would let everyone know that I am submitting the cache described below. If someone was interested in playing along, here is your heads up to watch your notifications over the next day or so.

      If you are not interested the just ignore this. Just wanted everyone to start on a level playing field.

      I had help in creating this desciption- but I am ultimately responisble - I am building it so let's all play together.

      Here is a copy of the cache report description so you can decide if you want to play at all.

      Let's have some fun!!!

      This is the first in the Quick To Find (QTF) competition.
      Here is the way the game is played. This is the initial cache hidden, find it. Each player's score will begin on this cache. The first person that finds this cache is the FTF, and, if they choose to play along (Here is the disclaimer: there is no special requirement for logging this cache as found) hides then next cache in the (QTF) competition. Each subsequent FTF hides another cache. If the FTF chooses not to hide the next cache in the series, please notify Quadmft24 that you choose not to make the hide.

      Unlike the prior series, each of first fifteen finders receives a score (which will be kept on this page updated each Saturday) and the cacher with the highest score at the end of twenty caches will be the winner of a free year of premium membership to geocaching.com. This scoring change was made to include a lot more people in the race and besides we all (at some point) have lives that can get in the way of an FTF attempt. But you still want to be quick to find, to score maximum points.

      The points scoring goes like this:

      FTF AND the hider (cache owner) – 5 points
      (Yes, five points for the FTF AND for the hider of the next cache)
      Second and Third – 4 points
      Fourth and Fifth– 3 Points
      Sixth and Seventh– 2 Points
      Eighth through Fifteenth - 1Point

      The request to the FTF is to place a quality cache in the Chico area in the next two weeks and also please include the "copy paragraph" at the end of your cache description. Of course, you can hide any type of cache you wish.

      In this competition there is no request to name a cache by a certain code, we figured out that non-competing cachers were scared away when the title looked like a series and that the cache could not be treated as stand alone cache, beside we all like naming our caches, they are like our kids, but they don't….(make your own joke here)

      Co-FTF? In a series like this a Co-FTF can complicate issues. So here is the suggestion. Try to make the call on the FTF. If it is truly a Co-FTF then call it a CO – but that means that those two cachers split the nine points available for the first two positions (split 9 points). Then one has to take on the job of hiding the next cache and thereby earning five points for hiding the next cache.

      If there are a few people looking for the cache at the same time when the cache is found, how do you decide who is second, third etc.? I don't know. Draw straws? Rock-paper-scissors? If you want, maybe you add all the points together and divide by the number people finding. Just let me know how you want it done when you log the find.
      After fifteen finders – subsequent finders will not be scored. As you can imagine it could go on for far too long. It is a Quick To Find competition

      For the first cache – I will be applying the same scoring method as with all subsequent caches. Therefore, I start with 5 points for hiding. I couldn't figure out a fair way for me to get a score on the first cache, so I just applied the rules consistently. Yes, it benefits me somewhat, but I guess… he who makes up the game, makes up the rules… Besides finding caches is what this is all about, and I don't get to do that. Remember, it is only one cache of twenty. The good thing about the scoring system is one person can catch up quickly.

      And as Bob says – "Let's have fun, since that is what this hobby is about"

      If, as the caches go on, there is a problem with your or any score on the series, please let me know via email.

      (Copy Paragraph)
      QTF#1 This cache is part of a series, BUT is completely a stand alone cache if you are curious about the competition check out "Quick To Find Start" GCXXXX. If you are playing the QTF series, log your find as normal – just make sure to write in your log that you are first, second, third, etc. to find. Otherwise your score will not be recorded. Up to the first fifteen finders will be scored on each cache. On going scores are kept on the "Quick To Find Start" GCXXX page (updated every Saturday).

      If you are the FTF on this cache and you don't know what this is all about just email Quadfmft24 or check out the cache reference above. If you are the FTF just change the QTF # at the beginning of this paragraph.

      This serves an an ivitation to come an play!!! :)
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