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577Where have all the NUTS gone?

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  • Jim Olson
    Dec 2, 2004
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      I haven't heard to much out of the group lately, so here is something to wake up to...
      Our new issue is ready at
      We feature many holiday-themed articles this month, as well as continuing two articles from last month: Torry's "Booty Call" and Doc-Dean's "A Guide for the Winter Season". If you've heard of Earthcaching, but don't exactly know what it is, Gary Lewis' article will fill in the blanks. Can you imagine logging every single cache in a state? One cacher has done just that. Find out what your horoscope advises, decide what to ask Santa for after reading about the newest GPSr models, and ask yourself if your affinity for geocaching is just a fun hobby or borders on becoming an addiction. 
      Thank you for your interest in Today's Cacher.
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