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5762A new Rant

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  • johnsomc
    Apr 24, 2009
      Ok not really, but it seems like the board needed Thrak to liven this place up a bit, thought maybe this topic would help ;)

      Just to make this legitimate, what has been your favorite cache as of late? City, State please, just so we know.

      I'm either going to go with Long's Ago (in Orland, hidden by bishoptakesqueen), or with You're Going to Stick it Where (in Chico, by quadmft24). The former was one that we just couldn't find the first time and we don't know why. Well I guess we got in the wrong mentality. We were still new to the game and when we saw the clue, we thought "Loading Dock!". Turns out no. As for quad's, those who have found it know why it is, no explanation required.
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