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  • thrak@pacbell.net
    Mar 16, 2009
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      I'm in Santa Rosa on a "work trip" for my job. I checked my email and saw an email with the title of YFBTanky. I thought to my self, "COOL! I wonder what milestone Tanky has achieved!!" (Yeah, I know. Weirdly enough though, I really think that way.)
      I read the text of the email and my heart sank.
      Tanky was good to me on our first meeting. I was a n00b with no standing. I was nobody at all. Tanky treated me like someone he had known for years. He was NICE to me and, believe me, that isn't something I'm really used to. (Ok, he was nice to me and gave me a pretty dang hard time too. In my book, being able to achieve both of those with a new acquaintance is a pretty good indication of a nice guy.)
      I didn't know Tanky well and, to claim differently, would be a gross untruth. However, he was always good to me each time we met. He was also very gentlemanly to my wife. That counts for a lot more with me than managing to put up with ME.  (I almost said he was always a gentleman to me but I thought of the wicked grin he'd have gotten at the thought of that, and the barbed comments he directed at me a couple of times while his grin negated the negativity of the comment.)  I really LIKED this guy even though I hardly knew him.
      It's kind of a weird thing to mourn the loss of someone you hardly knew but I will genuinly grieve for the unexpected passing of Tanky. I remember laughing like a fool when I first heard what the "YFB" part of his name was all about. When I finally found a "genuine Tanky Tank" in a cache I put it into my collection of treasured caching treasures and have saved it ever since.
      I know that some will think I'm just offering a passing and cavilier regret for the passing of Tanky. They would be wrong. While it's true I don't know about the bulk of his life, the small bit of his life that touched me through geocaching made me genuinely like him and feel that he was a man I would be proud to call a friend. Sadly, I will never be able to claim that distinction. It's my loss.
      One of the people I supported in my professional capacity (who recenly retired) initially expressed surprise when she found out I had recently (in 2005) met Bert. She expressed a great deal of affection for both Tanky and (ok, don't smack me!) "Mrs. Tanky". She told me they were really great people. What a small world it is.
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      I am sorry to say that Tanky (Bert) passed away last evening due to a heart attack.
      He will be missed by many.
      Chuck thewoodchuck

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