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5582Out of area NUTS event

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  • Rock&Crystal
    Mar 2, 2009
      Hey y'all, just wanted to announce a NUTS event (GC1N6J1) that we will
      be hosting up in Oregon on April 25th. It's near our cache "Bite of
      Heaven" and promises some good eats and fun with our neighbors to the
      north. Road trip anyone? Happen to know there are lots of choice caches
      along the route too. Congrats to all the recent milestoners too, you
      know who you are. Guess we need to scare up some large gold nuts... not
      too easy after last summer's "pathetic" crop! If not before, hope to
      see y'all in Red Bluff in May.

      BTW, Ed (Alabama Rambler) recently invited stories for The Online
      Geocacher E-Magazine. Y'all got stories! Why not whip up a tall tale or
      true and get your stories published, or atleast check out the great
      tales others have written? "Serial Finder", has a great 14 Chapter book
      in there involving caching. Won't spoil it, but suffice to say it's

      Cache Happy, Rock&Crystal
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