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544550Sumptin Memorial service

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  • Dave Michmerhuizen
    Oct 1, 2008
      From the GBA thread...


      Bud's Memorial Service is planned for October 4th, 2008 at Henry
      Cowell State Park near Felton. The service will be between 1:00 p.m.
      and 4:00 p.m. Jan and Ruby would also like to welcome anyone wishing
      to share a story or two about Bud with the assembled group.

      There will be some light refreshment catered for the Service, so
      please RSVP on this thread if you plan on attending so they can have a
      rough head count.


      I went with Grindylow (Jan) up to Henry Cowell today to meet with the
      person from the mortuary place. The memorial site is perfect for Bud.
      There should be some signs posted, but we thought the Geocaching
      community might prefer some co-ordinates. N 37 02.484 W122 04.140

      The service will be held under a giant bay tree "Bud's Bay". If
      someone wants to take the initiative and set up a cache here it would
      be completely appropriate in Jan's eyes.

      Please come share your stories.

      Nuts cachers may not be familiar with 50Sumptin, aka Bud. He was the
      most active cacher in the Santa Cruz area with 100s of caches to his
      name, all of them very fine, and 1000s of finds. he was one of those
      active cachers that everyone knows and everyone has met. If you've
      ever cached in Santa Cruz county it's a good bet you've done one of
      his placements. He was always signed up for group hikes, manned
      booths at fitness fairs, and generally loved both geocaching and the
      people who geocache. His sudden death by heart attack has left us in
      the San Jose / Santa Cruz / Monterey area feeling quite a void.