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  • Bonnie Schebler
    Sep 18, 2008
      Hi everybody,
      We are still on our geocaching road trip to see some states. We didn't plan on hurricane Ike. So much flooding from it, (so sad) to see all the damage. Well the trip is going good, but got a bad news phone call from home. Was about 19 miles from the Alabama border and had to turn around and go back home, but the emergency at home, Dennis Jr. and our neighbor with the help of  Big Dennis (over the cell phone) got it taken care of. So then we cut our trip down to 22 states instead of the 31 states (thats ok) and now at this time we are in Iowa. We will now be doing the upper part of the United States. When we fly out to GeoWoodStock in Tennesse in May we will get some more of the states that we didn't get to do this time. Tell you more when we get home by the 25th.
      Good luck, be safe and happy caching.
      Dennis and Bonnie

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      Subject: Re: [NUTS] NUTS event
      To: nuts_@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tuesday, September 9, 2008, 6:14 PM

      Wow! I'm going to embark on a 7 day, 1,200 mile work trip of 10 hour days. Take that!!!

      Oh, wait....... I guess your trip is better. Want to trade?  :-P

      Have a great time for all of us who aren't going. We are jealous but we're also glad that someone is getting to go on such a cool trip.

      Bonnie Schebler wrote:
      We would love to be there, but we are going on a 14 day, 6,785 miles round trip geocaching road trip (rental car). We are visiting (hopefully) 31 states. Our turn around point is North Carolina. We are leaving the 11th and we will not be back until the 25th. So all you N.U.T.S. have fun for us too. See you nexted time.
      SmokeysRedheadHelpe r
      aka-Dennis and Bonnie

      --- On Sat, 9/6/08, redhawk2853@ msn.com <redhawk2853@ msn.com> wrote:
      From: redhawk2853@ msn.com <redhawk2853@ msn.com>
      Subject: [NUTS] NUTS event
      To: nuts_@yahoogroups. com
      Date: Saturday, September 6, 2008, 6:33 PM

      Hey there everyone! Looks like the summer is drawing to a close and we wanted to get atleast one outdoor event in before the days get short and the elements get in our way. Sunday morning Sept 21st, come join us at River Bend Park in Oroville for "A NUTS Breakfast at the Bend" (check for GC #) We will meet from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. (or any time in between). Bring a breakfast thingy to share. Everyone is welcome, NUTS or not... (but it's more fun if you are!). Hope to see you all there, R&C

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