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  • Robbers Creek Cachers
    Sep 6, 2008
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      Hello to all our cachin' friends. Robbers Creek Cachers has been on
      Hiatus/Sabbatical for a while. Andy and I both went through Paramedic
      School and we just bought a new house. Now that we are settled
      and "normal" again, we are back with a vengance.

      We miss going to events and seeing all of you. I see there are more
      members than ever now. Yeah! We will admit, we did not do any caching
      for 3 years at all. Boo Hoo. It was horrible for the whole family. We
      were suprised to see how caching has changed in the last few years.
      Different "kinds" of caches. We were taken back a bit when we Googled
      our area and saw the over saturation of caches (mostly micros). Whew!
      For those of you who do not know where we are, well we are fairly
      secluded in Plumas County. We have noticed a lot are too close
      together and heck, we barely have to hike for any of them near the
      highway area...it's almost a stop and rob situation. (we will say
      though, this is helping get our stats right back up there). We are a
      little diappointed with the amount of nano caches in the middle of
      the forest. We have found some very clever and eco friendly stashes.
      But the majority have been a needle in a haystack event for us. And
      we have noticed during these particular hunts, the destuction of the
      forest...Broken branches & trees, every rock out of place and damage
      to surrounding wildland. It is obvious and frustrating. Since we call
      the forest area our home, we would like to throw out a little
      awarness for the forest and ask people to be a little more mindful
      before putting out their caches (we are not trying to offend anyone).

      Overall, we love all the new and creative ways people have been
      hiding their caches. Oh! and the explosion of Geocoins? This is sooo
      cool and we jumped right on that.

      Well, we are back and we would like to advise we are bringing back
      the "traditional" cache in our area... Woot Woot! We are all about
      good quality GeoSwag. BOLO for up and coming caches from RCC

      Thanks again for all the clever caches that add to our quality family

      Stay Safe,
      Pam and Andy RCC
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