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5409Fw: Geocaching Secrets survey

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  • Gary Hobgood
    Aug 18, 2008
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      Hey Geo-folks,

      If you are interested in participating in a geocaching survey, please see the email below.  We spoke with Dana Gillin several weeks ago regarding the geocaching book she is writing with her husband.  In preparation of their book, they are really trying to understand what makes a geocacher tick.  Dana asked us to forward their request to our geofriends, so here you have it.   Heck, you might even enjoy taking the survey.

      Cache you later,


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      From: Dana L. Gillin <dana@...>
      To: Dana L. Gillin <dana@...>
      Sent: Monday, August 18, 2008 1:24:38 PM
      Subject: Geocaching Secrets survey

      Hi, Geocaching friends!

      As part of the research for our book, Paul and I created a survey about
      geocaching habits, stories, etc. Since you "know people," being in the
      top 30 of the sport, we were hoping you could spread this one link to
      your fellow caching friends. The link is:

      We're trying to get the survey blessed by the PTB at geocaching.com, but
      as you know, this can be a long, complicated process. We'd like to post
      it on the forums on gc.com, but have to get by the gatekeepers first.

      Anyway, we were hoping you could post it on your blogs, tell your
      friends, email people you want to get back at for hiding a particularly
      nasty cache, etc. Please help us! This survey is an integral part of our
      research of the "normal Joes" out there caching (like Paul and me!).

      Thanks so much! And feel free to take the survey yourself, as well!
      There is probably a question or two in there I've forgotten to ask you!



      Dana L. Gillin

      Paul Gillin Communications
      4 Thurber St.
      Framingham, MA 01702
      office: 508/202-9819
      cell: 508/308-4897

      AIM: bunnylvr21

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