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5391Re: [NUTS] Fires

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  • Gary McElroy
    Jul 11, 2008
      Blucruz & Family is fine other than not being able to
      breathe. We had left on vacation Monday morning for
      Prineville Or. and early Tuesday we got the call that
      the fire had acted up and they had put us under a
      precautionay evacuation again. We left Prineville at
      3:10pm and made it back to Magalia by 10:30pm.

      I have a 2500gal tank and a gas powered water pump
      hooked up to sprinklers on top of and surrounding the
      house. If the fire looks like it's coming up the hill
      to us then the pump gets turned on and it basically
      rains in a 100' circle around our house.

      Everything is packed in the travel trailer just in
      case though.


      --- Holly <renoplummers@...> wrote:

      > It's so good to hear from some of you guys! (Thaks
      > for the update
      > Rock!) I know it's far but we have a spare bedroom
      > and a whole front
      > length of the house (if someone wanted to park a
      > trailer) The air
      > quality has been hurrendous here too but we don't
      > have any immediate
      > fires in the area. If we did, you wouldn't be able
      > to see them! LOL! I
      > hope Blucruz and any others that are in the line are
      > ok? Again our
      > thoughts and prayers are with you!
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