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530Re: [NUTS] Modesto Cacheing

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  • Bob Francis
    Oct 31, 2004
      Hi Joe,
      That isn't the first time a cache was mistaken for something on the explosive side... a month or two ago they shut down an airport for the same reason...  oops!
      I'm glad you had fun in Modesto,

      "Joe, Kimberly, Kalena,JJ and Beth" <joexandxkim@...> wrote:

      Well we had a great time in Modesto this Wednesday seeing my mother
      off to Oklahoma and Geocaching around our old stomping grounds. That
      is untill one of the caches we were looking for, but couldnt find,
      was blown to bits Thursday by the Modesto bomb squad. We decided to
      not geocache on Friday. The geo was near a school. We clipped the
      article and put it in our little book of Geo we are keeping. My wife
      and I both agree that our area up north is much cleaner than
      Modesto. We were going "NUTS" with all the trash and icky stuff (as
      my wife says) in Modesto.

      Northstate Unusual Treasure Seekers!

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