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  • Bonnie Schebler
    Apr 7, 2008
      We are trying to get the word out about our upcoming event:
      The Gathering Of The LC Cacher's (3rd annual) Event on May 10, 2008
      There has been a problem with Groundspeck LoBot Mailer, this is what they emailed us about the problem:
      I ran into this issue with a couple of upcoming events and I have filed a bug report (#3039).  Our development team is currently looking into this so hopefully it will be fixed soon.
      I appreciate your patience as they have a lot they're working on right now.
      Groundspeak, Inc.
      Ticket Details
      Ticket ID: BZT-590983
      Department: Geocaching
      Priority: High
      Status: On Hold
      So this is why we are emailing everybody this way.
      Thank you Gary(&Vicky) for letting us know about this way.
      Have a good one all you nuts
      (Dennis and Bonnie)

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