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  • Escapades
    Nov 21, 2007
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      We do something similar with our PDA and a button style GPS.  We use Mapopolis maps and a GPX to maplet program to place our pocket query caches on the mapping program.  We have a PDA cradle that attaches to the windshield and the Mapopolis program will route and give us voice commands to the cache.  We use this if we are in an unknown area sometimes.  The only problem is Mapopolis is out of selling maps to individuals so someday I will have to find something new.
      A funny thing happen when we were in Tennesee heading to GW V in North Carolina we had our PDA, two hand held GPS's and a Garmin vehicle style GPS we got with the rental car all attached to the front windshield.  We stopped a gas station and Maggie went in to get something to drink we were park right in front of the store and Maggie said a couple of guys inside were laughing at all the GPS's we had stuck to the windshield and one said the only way they will get lost is if they actually look out the windshield instead of at there GPS's.

      Gary Kemp <garykemp@...> wrote:
      I don't know if others enjoy technology as much as I do and perhaps
      you have discovered this already. I have overlaid the maps from
      Delorme Street Atlas 2008 with caches for an area and then planned a
      route by inserting caches as "vias". The software on my computer than
      provides verbal directions to get to the caches. I use an invertor
      with enough wattage to power my computer in the vehicle. If you want
      any more information let me know. Sure eliminates dead ends and back
      tracking when you are on the "quest".

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