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5167Official GeoWoodstock VI web site........

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  • Thrak
    Nov 1, 2007
      I was a little surprised to find that some of the N.U.T.S. weren't really aware of the GW VI website. Folks may be thinking that posting a "Will Attend" log on the gc.com cache site is the same as registering for the event but it is not the same at all.

      In order to actually register for the event you need to go to: http://www.geowoodstockvi.com/

      This is the "real" web site for the event and all related information. If you haven't been there yet you might want to take a look and maybe read some of the posts in the forums there as well as get yourself officially registered.

      You can register at the "blue" level which is absolutely free or you can pay a small amount for the upgraded registration levels which include things such as a shirt, a geocoin, etc. No matter which level you choose - including the free level - you need to get registered and make your choice from the selection of menu items so folks can plan how much of what type of food to have on hand. All levels of registration include the free meal.

      Again, if you haven't been there and registered yet I urge you to go now to: http://www.geowoodstockvi.com/