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5151Re: [NUTS] "got GW VI?" t-shirts

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  • redhawk2853@msn.com
    Oct 17, 2007
      Hey, thank everybody. Pulling this thread off topic is sure making it difficult to keep track of the t-shirt orders that are coming in via this thread!! About the picture... not much sleep lately 'cause we GOT this GW VI thing!  LOL Rock
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      Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 8:27 PM
      To: nuts_@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [NUTS] "got GW VI?" t-shirts

      In case you get "GWVI"  there still may be a cure, just talk to your doctor.

      Badaboom    :P


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      From: erin@inreach. com
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      Trying again.  See if this works.
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      Too big for this dial up connection. Can you crop the picture and get it down to a reasonable size, now ya got my curiosity up. LOL Rock
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      From: Bill Hoke
      Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 1:53 AM
      To: nuts_@yahoogroups. com
      Subject: Re: [NUTS] "got GW VI?" t-shirts
      Sorry Rock,
      I keep getting a failure notice due to the size of the
      photo. I;ll send it to you andmaybe you can post it.
      --- redhawk2853@ msn.com wrote:

      > Where's the photo!!!???? Of course I was upset...
      > when I tried to strip down to the t-shirt they
      > yelled at me to put it all back on!! LOL You'd be
      > upset too!! R
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      > From: Bill Hoke
      > Sent: Monday, October 15, 2007 4:23 PM
      > To: nuts_@yahoogroups com
      > Subject: Re: [NUTS] "got GW VI?" t-shirts
      > Heres a photo of the shirt . Rock seems upset about
      > something but I could be wrong. ;-p
      > --- redhawk2853@ msn.com wrote:
      > > Hi folks, for those of you who may have missed the
      > > amazing combination event of RCGDS/NUTS (or is it
      > > NUTS/RCGDS?) we are sorry to have missed you. We
      > > also "unveiled" our first GW VI t-shirt. This is
      > > ONLY for those who plan to volunteer for one or
      > more
      > > of the many tasks that will be required to make
      > this
      > > the best GeoWoodstock EVER. They will NOT be
      > offered
      > > to the general public. Most important, all profit
      > > from the sale of this apparel will go to the many
      > > costs of putting on this great event.
      > >
      > > The white t-shirts have a familiar black oval on
      > the
      > > front and it says "got GW VI?" in the oval, and on
      > > the back is a target also in black with
      > "Wheatland,
      > > CA" wrapped above the target and "May 24, 2008"
      > > around the bottom of the target. These can be in a
      > > variety of styles, but as Henry Ford said of the
      > > model T, "any color so long as it is black"
      > > (lettering, and white cloth). The price for a
      > > standard t-shirt is $11 on good quality "ultra
      > > cotton". Hats (ball caps) are also available at
      > $15.
      > > There are spaghetti strap, baby dolls, tank tops,
      > > and even sweatshirts, all at additional cost.
      > >
      > > Please contact Rock of Rock&Crystal at
      > > redhawk2853@ msn.com for more information, or to
      > > email your PayPal payment. We will be putting in
      > our
      > > first order for these t-shirts early this week, so
      > > if you want to be "the first on your block" to
      > have
      > > one please order now so we can have them ready for
      > > our next RCGDS and NUTS events (in November). For
      > > the NUTS folks, apologies for not getting our NUTS
      > > apparel out yet. Things have been chaotic and I
      > MUST
      > > to go back to school to figure out the ins and
      > outs
      > > of CafePress. BTW, looking for a tutor! :o)
      > >
      > > Thanks so much for your contributions to "the
      > > cause", Rock
      > >

      Email and AIM finally together. You've gotta check out free AOL Mail!

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