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5052Re: [NUTS] yfbtanky found Kaiser Pass Cache and Delorme Challeng

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  • Escapades
    Aug 21, 2007
      Huge contrats to the Tanky's (especially Cranky's better half!) Mike and I are (very) slowly working on this one. There is some beautiful country out there in Northern California and this cache allows you to enjoy all of it!
      Gail (Escapades)

      BootyBuddies <bootybuddies42@...> wrote:
      Congratulations Bert and Pat - It is good to see that other folks are still working on the Original Delorme Challenge too.  Well done on completing it.

      Bill and Debby

      Geocaching <noreply@geocaching. com> wrote:
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      Location: California, United States
      yfbtanky found Kaiser Pass Cache (Traditional Cache) at 8/18/2007

      Log Date: 8/18/2007
      YAAHOOO!!! This is our final page to complete the Delorme Challenge... took 2 years and a lot of travel. Not sure about the 1 terrain, it required a short hike through the woods. Took the ball, left a Tanky Tank. Thanks for the cache.

      Visit this log entry at the below address:
      http://www.geocachi ng.com/seek/ log.aspx? LUID=596ae55c- 1a24-429e- af26-ba2c47979c5 a

      Visit Traditional Cache
      Kaiser Pass Cache
      http://www.geocachi ng.com/seek/ cache_details. aspx?guid= 578af1b4- 3e84-4b1e- 849c-75436437782 c

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      http://www.geocachi ng.com/profile/ ?guid=cad5802e- e0ce-4bfa- 9170-fca176707ee d

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