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5014Re: [NUTS] GW VI item thought

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  • rich sasek
    Aug 2, 2007
      We knew a guy in Marysville that had a Multi color silk screen press and could do this. We would have to get the covers probably. We can find out if he still is around and if he would if any one wants. He did some custom shirts for me and they were nice. Still wear them. Six years and still look good.

      thrak <thrak@...> wrote:
      I've sent email to the person who posted the pictures asking about pricing, how they went about it, etc. We'll see if I get a reply. I also have a small feeler out regarding a sponsor for t-shirts. It may not pan out or may only pan out as far as shirts for the volunteers or whatever. My dentist was asking about caching when I was there yesterday - he asked if I had an FTF lately ( :-P )  and I was telling him about GW VI and how we needed to find sponsors. He mentioned that he had a friend in the t-shirt (or related) business and with a lead time of almost a year he thought the person might possibly be willing to sponsor in some manner. I don't know if it will pan out but it never hurts to try when an opportunity presents itself.

      redhawk2853@ msn.com wrote:
      BTW, a quick google shows many custom tire covers can be had out there. I saw individual prices of $139 to $299. Quantity discounts would surely apply. Up front costs... pretty high... and a high end gamble probably. Not a rejection, just a comment. Anyone know somebody in the field?? :o) R&C
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      From: thrak
      Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2007 3:01 PM
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      Subject: [NUTS] GW VI item thought
      I saw this in a thread on the geocaching forums. It made me wonder if it
      would be something we could have made for GW VI. It seems ! like
      something that might sell well. I know some folks can't get attachments
      so I'll just include a link.

      http://forums. groundspeak. com/GC/index. php?showtopic= 149841

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