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5013Re: [NUTS] GW VI item thought

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  • thrak
    Aug 2 7:30 PM
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      I've sent email to the person who posted the pictures asking about pricing, how they went about it, etc. We'll see if I get a reply. I also have a small feeler out regarding a sponsor for t-shirts. It may not pan out or may only pan out as far as shirts for the volunteers or whatever. My dentist was asking about caching when I was there yesterday - he asked if I had an FTF lately ( :-P )  and I was telling him about GW VI and how we needed to find sponsors. He mentioned that he had a friend in the t-shirt (or related) business and with a lead time of almost a year he thought the person might possibly be willing to sponsor in some manner. I don't know if it will pan out but it never hurts to try when an opportunity presents itself.

      redhawk2853@... wrote:
      BTW, a quick google shows many custom tire covers can be had out there. I saw individual prices of $139 to $299. Quantity discounts would surely apply. Up front costs... pretty high... and a high end gamble probably. Not a rejection, just a comment. Anyone know somebody in the field?? :o) R&C
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      From: thrak
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      I saw this in a thread on the geocaching forums. It made me wonder if it
      would be something we could have made for GW VI. It seems ! like
      something that might sell well. I know some folks can't get attachments
      so I'll just include a link.

      http://forums. groundspeak. com/GC/index. php?showtopic= 149841

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