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  • Lil Devil
    Jun 1, 2007
      OK, a personal request to those that want to hide caches in the Wheatland

      NO MICROS!!!!

      Remember the Golden Rule:
      Always hide the largest cache that can fit.

      If you have to hide a micro, make it creative. Don't just lift a skirt or
      slap it to a metal box. Make it creative! Make it something to be proud of.

      And while I'm making requests, Spenceville is an embarrassment. A vast,
      wooded, natural area filled with micros. Sheesh! Someone needs to get in
      there and hide a few ammo cans and 55 gallon drums.

      Whenever you hide a cache, ask yourself this: If I were being interviewed
      for a TV or newspaper article on Geocaching, would I be proud to bring the
      reporter to this cache for him to write about? If the answer is no, don't
      hide the cache.

      Thanks for listening.

      Lil Devil

      On Thursday, May 31, 2007, Trevor wrote:

      > Hehehehe
      > I have a hundred ready to go caches in my suburban right now.Everything from
      > the super large to the tiny nano...
      > Maybe I will make a drive up that way this weekend...
      > Hehehehehe
      > redhawk2853@... wrote:
      > Besides Steve... UtahChaz andRetiredProfwill have that area covered so
      > thick with caches it'll make your head spin, and your compass too! R&C
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