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  • nelson143
    Apr 30, 2007
      The name change policy was changed last year.
      Users are no longer allowed to change their names at will anymore.
      You will need to contact Groundspeak and see if they will change it for you.
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      Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 8:35 PM
      Subject: [NUTS] Re: New name

      I changed my name from UtChaz to UtChaz & Family wihtout even asking.
      Did they change their policy on name changes?

      --- In nuts_@yahoogroups. com, Bert Mansfield <plunkandfroggy@ ...>
      > Since I've still been logging as Plunk & Froggy, quite a few folks
      have asked me, "Where's Plunk"? To avoid making me and others
      uncomfortable, I'm thinking of changing my geocaching name. I know
      that geocaching.com doesn't usually do name changes, but I hope they
      will in this case.
      > I've thought of
      > Plunk's Froggy
      > Just Froggy
      > 1Froggy
      > Let me know which you think is best or give me your ideas.
      > Thanks all you NUTS.
      > Char
      > ------------ --------- --------- ---
      > Ahhh...imagining that irresistible "new car" smell?
      > Check outnew cars at Yahoo! Autos.

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