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4464Re: [NUTS] Congrats

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  • thrak
    Jan 23, 2007
      OMG!!!!  Now let me see.......... According to his profile page, Blucruz started caching August 17, 2005 and now has 2k finds.  I started caching July 30, 2005 and I now have 766 caches.   Hmmmmmm.............. All I can say to that is..... WOW!!!!!

      Congratulations to Blucruz on being a complete N.U.T. when it comes to Geocaching!  ;-)

      Seriously though, it's great to know you are having such a good time with this crazy hobby. I know it has to be providing you with some great family time and I only wish it had been around for me to do with my kids when they were young. You guys are lucky to be doing this as a family and it's great to know that you are all having a good time being N.U.T.S. Congrats on hitting 2k. It's quite an accomplishment for the time you've been caching.

      Bert Mansfield wrote:
      Well, we have a new BIG NUT in town!
      Blucruz just completed 2K!  Congrats, Blucruz! Keep up the great work!

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