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4354Re: FW: [GEO] geospyder contacting Jeremy from Geocaching.com

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  • Roamingbull
    Dec 4, 2006
      Well that's cool. Sure did look weird at first. I have seen some
      scams that looked very much on the up and up. Pay Pal has had been
      victim to that. They have had some very realistic looking emails go
      out to account holders that were not from them. The email would
      claim to have some error in their records and need a confirmation of
      account information, or a receipt showing an recent outrageous
      expense etc etc. So I was a bit hesitant. Anyway, looks good. I too
      did some looking into it and have also found that it seams to be


      --- In nuts_@yahoogroups.com, "geospyder" <geospyder@...> wrote:
      > Here's Jeremy's answer.
      > Jim (geospyder)
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      > Subject: RE: [GEO] geospyder contacting Jeremy from Geocaching.com
      > It assigns the request with the user account. That way we don't
      give more
      > than one travel bug to an individual user.
      > Jeremy
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      > Sent: Monday, December 04, 2006 5:05 PM
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      > Subject: [GEO] geospyder contacting Jeremy from Geocaching.com
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      > Jeremy, We have a number of people in our local groups asking why
      they need
      > to give their password for the Diabetes TB. What is the reason
      for asking
      > for the password?
      > Jim (geospyder)
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