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  • geospyder
    Dec 4, 2006
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      Where in Texas , Bryan ?  We have a daughter that lives up in Wichita Falls, TX.  We’ll be visiting during the Holidays.  Just hoping all the ice has melted by the time we get there.  Not looking forward to the drive from DFW to Wichita Falls if there is ice.


      Jim (geospyder)

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      Too funny!  Not sure why you didn't bag Hawaii while you were in Alaska --they' re right next to each other on the States map :-) :-)  Hoping to add TX to my list this week (figured I mind as well while I'm here).  Just gotta get the work folks to cooperate and let me out for long enough to do it!


      Then again, there are a few counties in Southern CA that I haven't cached yet either :-)


      Good luck with your quest--you guys are N.U.T.S.!


      The SKWERL

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