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4341Re: [NUTS] Wow SKWERL

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  • Jenn Oates
    Dec 1, 2006
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      Don't forget that beautiful view of the Milky Way we had that night on the way back to the hotel!!!!  Can't remember the name of the cache, but the sky was magnificent.

      That was gorgeous, no lie.  You just don't get that kind of view of the night sky in the big city.

      We won't talk about that DNF in the rocks, though.  Grrrr.

      On Dec 1, 2006, at 7:33 PM, Bryan Wright wrote:

      Well CASAS had passed me briefly right around Thanksgiving (not that I was looking J), and I’m sure they’ll make that permanent before too long!  On the bright side, I’ve been passed by some really great people and Anne and Gary are certainly no exception to that list!!!


      Next challenges Trev?  Well, I have to admit that the last trip also allowed me to bag a few more quads (six or seven J) for the NV DeLorme Challenge.  Since it is my cache I don’t plan on logging it, but it will still be fun to complete it eventually.  I have to admit, the more I cache in NV, the more I enjoy it.  Ironically, whenever I’m there, I drive right through Reno (and in this case Vegas as well), bypassing literally hundreds of caches to go off into the hinterlands.  Something about finding an ammo can on top of a mountain after getting a nice set of NV pinstripes installed on the jeep is very satisfying….


      Come to think of it, I’m surprised some of the resident N.U.T.S. from up aroundParadise haven’t been back to finish this one off yet J


      The SKWERL

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      CONGRATS!  That is awesome... Let alone it was in NV!  Great job... what is next?

      Casagrande <alilcasa@yahoo.com> wrote:

      WOW and CONGRATULATIONS  to SKWERL for finding a cache in all 17 Nevada Counties (GCRWTZ ). Only 6 people have accomplished this feat  (and you're still ahead of us but it's not about the numbers, right?)


      Anne and Gary (CASAS)



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