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4022Re: [NUTS] Cache nappers

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  • thrak
    Aug 30 4:14 PM
      It's sad to see this one go. That was one spooky tree. I was still a n00b when I did this one and I took the hardest possible way to get to the cache. Ones like that you tend to remember.  ;-)   It's hard to understand why people insist on being jerks but, since they seem to love doing it I guess archiving the cache was the only reasonable course of action.

      I released my first travel bug  Thanks for the memory! into this cache on August 19, 2005 and since then it's traveled 6899.5 miles. It's been to England and Scotland and is currently in Belgium. It makes me wonder what other swag has gone through this cache.

      luandbob wrote:

      Well I checked Jessie's hide today to see if the ransom money. (play
      money) was gone, it was. But the cache had not been returned, So I will
      archive the whole thing. It did last for a pretty long time, with out
      much trouble Bobolu.

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