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3542Re: [NUTS] Green frogs

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  • scottforde@gmail.com
    May 1 5:20 PM
      It think it is 2Dee2Dee's signature item. I think the number the find number of that cache. You can send them an email to see if they are trackable but I don't think so.

      On 5/1/06, Pat or Bert Hall <bnphall@...> wrote:
      I received the following message, but was unable to answer it.  Anyone out there into green frogs?
      "Hi, i realy enjoyed the whale tale cash. i have one question though.  i found plastic green frogs in two caches while in the area.  they both had "ZDEE" and "Move" hand written on them and each had a different number hand written on them.  do you know what they are?"

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