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  • Thrak
    Feb 28, 2006
      Well.... it's a bit far for me and I'm a CAT person!  One time a few months ago Lemon Fresh Dog ran a contest on the  geocaching.com forums for one of his Geobones which is a bone shaped geocoin.  It was for "dog folks" mostly but it didn't have to be about YOUR dog. It was actually a random drawing but you needed to enter a good dog story. I entered one about my son's dog Stinky (actually named Ireland but there was a farting good reason for the nickname Stinky!).  I actually WON the geobone (it's hanging here next to my computer right now) even though I'm a cat person.  I think poor Lemon Fresh Dog was horrified but he had the integrity to award it to me anyway since I was the winner of the drawing even though nobody else would ever have known. :)

      Hopefully another N.U.T.S. person will be attending and you can hitch a ride with them.  For myself, I'd likely go N.U.T.S. for real at a major dog convention! (I'm sure my good friend Bob The Destroyer -- my cat - wouldn't like it!)


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      > Anyone thinking of attending this "dog" event in Santa Rosa? I'd love to ride along, if anyone is going.
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