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322Re: [NUTS] Re: Itchy & Scratchy

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  • BootyBuddies
    Aug 11, 2004
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      We may need to change our handle after Buddy D's latest bout, but if she is Itchy & Scratchy what does that make me?!?  Bill

      BootyBuddies <bootybuddies42@...> wrote:
      Although I've never seen this on any website, taking echinacea helps with the itch.  Also Caladryl (similar to the stinky pink Calamine lotion we used as kids on chicken pox, but clear and not so stinky) is supposed to help with the itch and the weepies (so gross). I'm trying these things out right now after HOG HEAVEN in Folsom.  I didn't even see the PO 'cause I was so excited to be able to walk to a cache from work!
      Tried an oatmeal bath last night, but I don't think it helped much.  I'll try the blow dryer method tonight.

      Escapades <escapades4cache@...> wrote:
      Okay...speaking for the Escapades, we like to learn by experience! I
      for one highly recomend the blow dryer method for poison oak. It may
      not cure it but it sure makes it feel better.

      I researched on the internet for recommended solutions for the itch
      and figured I would try just about anything. The blow dryer was
      mentioned several times so I tried it...you turn the dryer on high
      and blow it on the poison oak until it starts feeling too hot. This
      would make my poison oak not itch for several hours. It kind of feels
      like you are scratching it without really doing so. (I hope I never
      get too close to that plant again!)

      P.S. Juniper, Shuniper, just say tall, skinny, evergreen tree...
      --- In nuts_@yahoogroups.com, "Ed & Julie" <nelson143@s...> wrote:
      > Okay (itch) N.U.T.S....I'm only (scratch) gonna plead once.
      > Please, no (itch) more caches in poison (scratch) oak.
      > Thank (itch) you (scratch).
      > Ed
      > The Badge & the Butterfly

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