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319[NUTS] Re: Itchy & Scratchy

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  • Ed & Julie
    Aug 10, 2004
      I'm not sure which cache got me (we cached on Cherokee Rd. and in
      Oroville) but one of them got me.

      This is my 6th bout of poison oak since we started caching in 2002.I
      had never gotten it before. the last bout sent me to the doctor(itwas
      on my face). This time, it's both arms and legs.I have heard 2
      schools of thought about getting it when you hadn't before...

      1- you body chemistry is always changing, so you might gtit whenyou
      never had before.

      2- Repeated exposure lowers your tolerance.

      Whatever the reason, I have gotten to the point where when I'm
      cachinng, i avoid ANYgreen plant. I was a boy scout for 20 years...I
      thought I knew what po lookslike, but I keep getting it.

      I have used the clear lotion wih minimal results each time. Bleach
      just burned my skin (as recomended by co-workers).

      Keep placing those urban caches and I'll be a happy cacher...no more
      bushwacking for me.

      The Badge & the Butterlfy
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