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2994Re: [NUTS] 100th find with the best buds

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    Jan 30, 2006
      Congrats on 100!
      I have found that geocachers, as a whole, are very supportive and helpful. Even the one's with 3,000+ finds! It's a great group of people and I have been known to make a phone call or two when I run into a problem finding a cache and need a hint.
      Take care a keep caching!

      debra <qattales@...> wrote:
      yesterday i made my 100th find in lodi. i just started in october and
      had the greatest fortune to meet billandlore who have become my
      caching buddies and my mentors. i think i would be still working on 10
      if it hadn't been for their patience and friendship. when we have went
      out they make sure i have an opportunity to go find caches they have
      already gotten when they could move on to more caches they haven't
      found. we stayed out yesterday after they had already gotten their
      number 200 to make sure i got my 100th. friends don't get better than
      i just want them to know how much i appreciate them..even if i ask
      bill the same question five times before the answer sinks into my
      head...and bill patiently replies.

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