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2348Re: [NUTS] Major Changes to Geocaching.com publishing guidelines

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  • lildevil@gpxspinner.com
    Nov 3, 2005
      > So current Virtuals (like the ones I planned to to in Miami) are no
      > longer "allowed" for geocaching.com. Correct?

      Correct. If you were to try submitting it, you'd find that virtuals and
      webcams are not even an option on the form.
      But, you can create a waymark for it if an appropriate category exists. If
      not, maybe you could create the category.
      I have 4 categories myself, and managing them is much easier than managing
      a locationless cache on geocaching.com.
      (Look at Things>>Vehicles and Places>>Strange/Weird)

      > Can we use [our] geocaching name on that other site?

      Yes, the user databases are linked.

      > I'm not trying to be a pain in
      > the butt, I just wanna make sure I understand everthing correctly.

      Please, ask all the questions you want. Waymarking is, intentionally, very
      different from geocaching. You can't look at waymarking with a geocaching
      mindset. But if you open your mind and look at the possibilities, you just
      might start to like waymarking.

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