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1686Cache archival

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  • nelson143@sbcglobal.net
    Aug 1, 2005
      I archived my missing cache Awww N.U.T.S.!
      (The archive note is below)
      Awwwwww NUTS!!! The cache is gone.
      I went and checked on it this morning, and it is indeed MIA.
      When I hid it originally the grass was tall, and it was covered by the rocks. Now, the grass is dead and short and the "good" hiding spot is now basically wide open.
      This cache listing is one of my favorites, with pictures of various N.U.T.S members doing what we enjoy...caching!!!
      By the way, for anyone who hadn't figured out this cache...the coordinates are on the page several times in a white font against a white background. If you highlight everything, the coordinates jump right out at you.
      There is another great cache nearby ("swing me"). I'm not going to replace mine, but do recommend you do the other cache if you haven't...this is a cool area.
      Happy caching!
      Ed (& Julie