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1684Re: [NUTS] Logging and photographing Travel Bugs

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  • rich sasek
    Aug 1, 2005
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      You talking about "Maddog1488"?
      Who in the hell is this?
      You notice that he "found" three jeeps in three areas of the country on the same day? Today!
      Is there something that can be done? Did you? I dont se his logs on some of those he claims to have found yesterday and today.
      He has logged 22 white jeeps so far.
      Thats just plain annoying.
      Talk to you later

      nelson143@... wrote:
      Here is a bit of wisdom I thought I would share with the group.
      One mistake many people make when logging a Travel Bug or taking a photograph of a Travel Bug is disclosing the "secret" number.
      When an online log states: "Took travel bug J4XXXX, will move it on" or when a picture is taken of a travel bug and the number is shown on the dog tag, it allows anyone, anytime, to virtually access the travel bug. This can be annoying and frustrating to Travel bug owners.
      Last year, someone online browsed through hundreds of pictures of Travel bugs, wrote down all the tracking numbers that showed in the photos, and moved them (virtually, since he never actually touched the TBs) to the Travel bug Graveyard (a place for missing travel bugs). Two of our eight TBs were moved by that %$#$! cacher.
      Dozens of people received notices that their bugs were missing, and Groundspeak had to help remedy the issue.
      Today, a cacher from back east logged a note "finding" a White Jeep TB in one of my cache because the tracking number was exposed in the picture. Obviously, he never found the Jeep, and the find and note on my cache were bogus.
      Please, when logging a travel bug, do not disclose the tracking number in your log. Feel free to use the name of the TB, just don't mention the tracking number. If you take a picture of a travel bug, turn the tag over so the number does not show, or use a photo editing program (most computers come with the free program "paint") and digitally mark out the tracking number.
      As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on how to do this or need help of any kind.
      Happy caching!!
      Ed (& Julie)
      The Badge & The Butterfly
      ps: I had a great time at the event today! Can't wait for the next one :)

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