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Labor Unions

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  • jimerica
    am in agreement with Morallo s quote, and was relieved when an attempted take-over from our local teamsters was foiled by our state nurses assoc. The answer is
    Message 1 of 13422 , Sep 4, 1998
    • rehabrn_2000
      ... in ... leave ... the docs that she didn t seem right but the docs said she was...he says they even said she was ok and they were the medical people...he
      Message 13422 of 13422 , Mar 24, 2002
        --- In nursing2@y..., deborah_leigh <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > Well, being one that believes we have to accept SOME responsibility
        > for our own actions, how about not keeping this woman pregnant when
        > there is a history of severe post-partum depression? Have heard on
        > more than one occassion that he, the husband, has some complicity
        > this tragedy. Kinda like giving an alcoholic keys to the family
        > car. If he was so sure that things were not right, why did he
        > this woman with her children?
        > i don't like this new group thing...anyway...he states that he told
        the docs that she didn't seem right but the docs said she was...he
        says they even said she was ok and they were the medical people...he
        was in the process of finding someone else...and his mom stayed with
        her and watched the kids...don't know what happened...why she wasn't
        there...who knows...maybe she told him she was on birth control....i
        don't have all the answers...they stated that in her case all that
        could have gone wrong in her case...did....
        > --- In nursing2@y..., rehabrn_2000 wrote:
        > > Also...lane...Rusty yates...the husband of the
        > > yates woman who killed all her kids....has been on talk
        > > shows stating it was the hmos.....and the system...he
        > > kept telling the docs that things weren't right and
        > > they stated they were ok...many things happened and he
        > > had to go to the less expensive insurance...what do
        > > you think of all this...he says if she had been put
        > > on the right meds...this wouldn't have
        > > happened...but they kept saying things were ok...and they were
        > > the medical professionals so in turn he thought it
        > > was ok...but he did question them....many times...
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