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The Sugar Addiction Epidemic - Kids & Adults

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    OK.........I m mad as @#$%^ This happens to me sometimes. My apology to Kim....... I needed to use a clip from your email. Sometimes I just get so
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      OK.........I'm mad as @#$%^ This happens to me sometimes. My apology to
      Kim....... I needed to use a clip from your email. Sometimes I just get so
      incensed with what is going on in relation to sugar addiction & how much harm
      is being done ..... for whatever reason it's being done. I'm also sharing
      this email with two nursing groups I belong to. I hope the membership doesn't
      mind, but this is something we all should be interested in, not only for our
      patients, but for our families & for ourselves..

      Sugar addiction & over-sugaring is a complex issue. Those of you who are in
      my discussion groups or have my book/workbook & CD's do know this. And
      so.......I've written my publisher's blog entry for today on this subject. I've
      had issues for years with publishers about sugar addiction & so this was
      something that I just needed to do.

      You can read a snip below & the whole blog entry is at


      The Sugar Addiction Epidemic
      Back on the soap box !
      I just received an email from a teacher in California. Here's a snip. While
      I'm sure it won't surprise you, the crux of the matter is just that. Few of us
      are surprised, yet little to nothing happens. My question throughout the
      years has been "Why?"
      I have taught bunches of kids for decades. I've been totally fed up with the
      amount of sugar the school district puts in their food. Yesterday's
      breakfast was waffles (with sugar in them), syrup, a pale hot dog, milk (not
      chocolate, thank goodness), and reconstituted orange juice. Today's breakfast was a
      bun the size of two hamburger buns, made of white flour and lots of sugar,
      further sweetened with a coating of sugar over the whole thing; milk;
      reconstituted orange juice ~ nothing else. Every breakfast every day is made of
      basically white flour and sugar, with processed meat sometimes. How can the kids
      expect a healthy life with such an insane start?
      I'm been researching & clinically working in the field of sugar addiction
      management for the past two decades. As a nurse & clinical hypnotherapist, I'm
      acutely aware of the tremendous problems facing our nation & the
      industrialized world. Every single day I treat clients who are seriously addicted to
      sugar, many of whom are already too far gone for prevention, being already in the
      acute disease phase. These clients include children & adults alike, all of
      them sick & if they don't change, they are going to get a lot sicker.
      The need to manage sugar in our society is vital. The health problems related
      to sugar addiction and poor lifestyle behaviors are much more complicated
      than they appear on the surface. The numbers are startling & yet, I've not been
      able to interest publishers in my book as they don't see a market for it.
      This is both interesting & frustrating. Yes, there are some days when I simply
      feel like screaming out loud.
      We are a nation of people in deep trouble. Our lifestyle behaviors are taking
      us swiftly down the road towards the killer diseases with many people
      arriving long before they should. Stress related problems fill the doctor's office
      while emptying the business office of healthy and creative employees. (
      continued at the above link )
      Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

      Nurse Educator & Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist
      President & Program Designer
      Sarasota Medical & Sports Hypnosis Institute
      _www.hypnosis-audio.com_ (http://www.hypnosis-audio.com/) &_
      www.sugar-addiction.com_ (http://www.sugar-addiction.com/)
      Author - Sugar....the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It

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