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University of the Arctic Shared Voices June 2004

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  • George Lessard
    Organization: University of the Arctic From: UArctic International Secretariat Subject: Shared Voices June 2004 Date: Thu, 1 Jul
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2004
      Organization: University of the Arctic
      From: "UArctic International Secretariat" <secretariat@...>
      Subject: Shared Voices June 2004
      Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2004 13:28:12 +0300

      June 2004

      Shared Voices Newsletter


      Welcome to the June 2004 issue of Shared Voices,
      the University of the Arctic newsletter. This
      newsletter is sent periodically as an
      HTML-formatted email to keep those interested in
      UArctic informed about its activities and
      development. Past issues are available on the
      of the Arctic web site, where you can also
      subscribe to receive Shared Voices announcements.
      All news items found in the Shared Voices
      newsletter can also be accessed from
      <http://news.uarctic.org/>UArctic News.

      <http://news.uarctic.org/000124.html>Sakha State University profile

      <http://www.sitc.ru>Sakha State University is
      situated in the city of Yakutsk, the capital of
      the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), which is the
      largest North-eastern province of the Russian
      Federation. Its territory is 3 million square
      kilometres with a population of less than one
      million. The climate is severe -- temperatures
      range from 60 degrees below during the long
      winters to over 40 degrees in the short summers.
      It is a land blessed with infinite natural
      resources such as diamonds, coal, natural gas,
      gold, and oil below the earth, as well as virgin
      forests above which are home to polar foxes,
      sables, muskrat, and wild game. Reindeer roam
      freely and there are numerous lakes and rivers
      rich in fish.

      About the Institution

      Yakutsk (Sakha) State University was established
      in 1956. The total number of students is 19,800
      including full-time and part-time students and a
      staff of 1,200. The University consists of six
      institutes and nine faculties. It also has two
      branches in the south and the west of the
      republic: Technical University in the coal-mining
      city of Neruyngry and Polytechnic Institute in
      the diamond-mining city of Mirny.

      The University offers a wide range of graduate
      and post-graduate programs in economics,
      management, finance, biology, geography, physics,
      mathematics, computer science, geology, mining,
      construction engineering, medicine and public
      health, linguistics, foreign languages, the Sakha
      language and culture, the Russian language,
      Northern minority languages, history,
      archaeology, law, education, psychology, physical
      education and sports. Most of the programs are
      five-year programs including both theoretical
      teaching and practical training.

      The main University campus consists of seven
      academic buildings, eight student residences,
      Social Centre, Sport Complex, Library, canteens,
      University Museums. The University has also
      regional Centre for Professional Development,
      Centre of New Information Technologies, Centre of
      Distant Education, and Botanical Gardens.

      Individual courses in Ethnography, Russian,
      Yakut, Northern minority languages, Environmental
      Studies are offered for foreign students. During
      the summer, Yakutsk (Sakha) University runs
      Intensive Russian Language and Culture Program
      for international students (June-August).

      the Full Article at http://news.uarctic.org/000124.html »

      International Head Office for the north2north

      An agreement has been reached between the
      University of the Arctic and
      <http://www.hifm.no>Finnmark University College
      to create an International Head Office for
      program, UArctic's student mobility exchange
      program. The Memorandum of Understanding was
      signed earlier this week by the Heads of both
      organizations and becomes effective immediately.

      the Full Article at http://news.uarctic.org/000127.html »

      Meeting of the Ministers of Education and Science

      In a historic first meeting, the Ministers of
      Education and Science from the Arctic Council
      member countries gathered in Reykjavik, Iceland,
      on June 9. The final declaration applauded the
      efforts of the University of the Arctic "to raise
      awareness and to improve understanding of the
      natural and cultural circumstances of the Arctic
      through its different education programs." The
      Ministers also identified the following priority
      areas -- among others -- that support the work of
      the University of the Arctic:

      Cooperation in higher education among Arctic Council member states
      Increased opportunities for researcher and student mobility
      Programs that promote linkages between education
      and research activities, i.e. exchanges and

      the Full Article at http://news.uarctic.org/000121.html »

      <http://news.uarctic.org/000126.html>Umeå, Luleå and Oulu UArctic Meetings

      Director <mailto:lars.kullerud@...>Lars
      Kullerud and Deputy Director <mailto:
      outi.snellman@...>Outi Snellman recently
      had meetings with UArctic Council members and
      Rectors in Umeå, Luleå and Oulu.

      the Full Article at http://news.uarctic.org/000126.html »

      <http://news.uarctic.org/000125.html>IASC Seeking Executive Secretary

      The <http://www.iasc.no>International Arctic
      Science Committee is seeking a new Executive
      Secretary. The application deadline for this
      position is 1 October 2004. For more information,
      open one of the documents below or contact

      <http://www.uarctic.org/documents/iascgen.pdf>General Information [PDF]
      <http://www.uarctic.org/documents/iascjob.pdf>Job Desciption [PDF]

      <http://news.uarctic.org/000123.html>north2north taking off!

      Recently gathered statistics on UArctic's student
      mobility program,
      reveals that participation in the program is
      sky-rocketing. The number of accepted applicants
      for the 2004-2005 academic year is now set at 96
      individuals! This represents a three-fold
      increase from this year's 22 participants.

      the Full Article at http://news.uarctic.org/000123.html »

      Session of BCS 322: Peoples and Cultures II

      322: Peoples and Cultures II course will be
      offered in the upcoming Summer Session, from July
      5 - August 13, 2004. The deadline for
      registration is Wednesday, June 30, 2004.

      the Full Article at http://news.uarctic.org/000120.html »

      Studies Courses Now Available On-line!

      Course modules for the
      <http://www.uarctic.org/bcs>Circumpolar Studies
      are now available online. "The development of the
      seven BCS courses is truly one of the outstanding
      achievements of the University of the Arctic, and
      we are proud to share it. The modules were
      developed by some of the foremost northern
      researchers in the world, with contributions from
      academics and indigenous scholars from every
      region of the Circumpolar north," noted Greg
      Poelzer, Dean of Undergraduate Studies for the
      University of the Arctic. "This resource will be
      of benefit not only to students and instructors,
      but to anyone in the North or South with an
      interest in the environmental beauty, cultural
      diversity, and contemporary issues of the
      Circumpolar World."

      the Full Article at http://news.uarctic.org/000119.html »

      <http://news.uarctic.org/000118.html>Conference Expands Barents Cooperation

      University heads, researchers, university
      teachers, and policy makers recently gathered in
      Tromsø, Norway, for the
      Education and Research in the Barents Region
      Conference. The aim of the conference was to
      create new networks and cooperation projects
      within higher education and research in the
      Barents Region.

      the Full Article at http://news.uarctic.org/000118.html »

      <http://news.uarctic.org/000114.html>Russian SAO Tsurkin Visits Rovaniemi

      Russian Federation Senior Arctic Official (SAO)
      Vitali Tsurkin visited the State Provincial
      Office of Lapland on June 9th. He also met with
      Outi Snellman, Deputy Director Administration, to
      discuss the priorities for Russia's upcoming
      position as Chair of the
      <http://www.arctic-council.org>Arctic Council.
      Russia will officially become the Chair in
      November 2004.

      Upcoming Events

      14th Annual Inuit Studies Conference
      Calgary, AB, Canada - August 11 - 14 2004


      UArctic Board of Governors Meeting
      Copenhagen, Denmark & Nuuk, Greenland -
      September 2 - 6, 2004

      6th Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region
      Nuuk, Greenland, 3-6 September 2004


      NRF 3rd Open Meeting: The Resilient North - Human Resources to Global Change
      Yellowknife, NWT, Canada - September 15 -
      18, 2004

      5th Circumpolar Agricultural Conference
      Umeå, Sweden - September 27 - 30, 2004


      Recent Events

      Higher Education and Research in the Barents Region Conference
      Tromso, Norway - June 11 - 13, 2004

      Nordic Ministers of Education and Science Meeting
      Reykjavik, Iceland - June 8 - 9, 2004


      International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences
      University of Alaska Fairbanks, May
      19-23, 2004

      Council Meeting, Fairbanks
      Fairbanks, Alaska, USA, May 16 - 19, 2004


      Arctic Council Meetings
      Selfoss, Iceland - 3 - 5 May, 2004
      <http://news.uarctic.org/events/000086.html#more>more »

      North2north Partnership Meeting
      Tromsø Norway - April 25-27, 2004


      Deadline for BCS Advanced Emphases
      The applications for BCS Advanced
      Emphases should be sent to
      <mailto:bcs@...>bcs@... by April 15, 2004.

      If you have any problems, please contact the

      Contact Information

      University of the Arctic Circumpolar International Secretariat
      Arctic Centre - University of Lapland
      Box 122, 96101 Rovaniemi, Finland
      Tel: +358 16 341 341
      Fax: +358 16 341 2777
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