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Story about George Lessard's Arviat Photos on UN website in NewsNorth

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  • George Lessard
    On Monday May 31st, NewsNorth published a story about my pictures being displayed on the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues website. I have scanned the
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      On Monday May 31st, NewsNorth published a story
      about my pictures being displayed on the UN
      Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues website.

      I have scanned the paper, created a PDF file of
      the story and placed it on the web at:
      This file is about 6.4 megabytes.

      The URL for the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues website is

      Below are the pictures that were selected to be on the UN website.


      "The staff and management of the Kiluk Arts and
      Crafts store in Arviat, Nunavut get ready to hang
      their new sign. The Kiluk Arts and Crafts store
      is a haven for the artists and traditional
      seamstress of Arviat. Modern sewing machines
      strong enough to sew seal, walrus and caribou
      skins are available for use. There is also a
      strong "fashion" design group and their products
      have been seen on the runways of Europe and
      Canada. The Economic Development Corporation of
      Nunavut's Sustainable Development & Renewable
      Resources Department is a backer of this project.
      November 2003
      (c) 2003 George Lessard

      File Name: DSC_7605v3.jpg



      'Nunavut Teacher Education Program' (NTEP) "Class of 2004"
      Education is important to the Inuit of Nunavut.
      These students and their teachers are Arctic
      College's 'Nunavut Teacher Education Program'
      (NTEP) "Class of 2004". Their land claim
      agreement with the Canadian government says that
      the target for Inuit employment in the
      territorial civil service is 80 per cent. Inuit
      employment in the Nunavut government has varied
      between 40 and 45 per cent since the territory
      was created. These students are all from Arviat,
      Nunavut and the majority have already been
      teaching in the Nunavut school system for several
      (c) 2003 George Lessard

      File Name: DSC_6879.jpg



      Traditional ways survive in Nunavut
      Andrew Panigoneak and Inuk hunter and his wife,
      Winnie use a dog team to hunt Nanuk, the polar
      bear, Arviat has the largest number of dog teams
      of any community in Nunavut. The skin will be
      made into a pair of pants to keep Andrew warm
      while hunting on the tundra. Novemeber 11, 2003
      (c) 2003 George Lessard

      File Name: DSC_7544v2.jpg



      Frank Akammak (standing) and Jimmy Muckpah eye
      the angles of Jimmy's carving. Soapstone carving
      is going through hard times in Nunavut these
      days. Art galleries aren't buying much work.
      Frank and Jimmy were participating in a Nunavut
      wide carvers' workshop in Arviat organized by the
      territorial government of Nunavut. August 2003
      (c) 2003 George Lessard

      File Name: DSC_338800001arviat-carvers.jpg



      Canada Day in Arviat, Nunavut
      Pretty much the whole community of Arviat turns
      out for the Canada Day celebrations and parade.
      Nunavut's Member of Parliament Nancy
      Karetak-Lindell (in the yellow and red jacket)
      always tries to come back to her hometown for the
      festivities. Here she's chatting with Aayak

      (c) 2003 George Lessard

      File name: DSC_1463.jpg



      Nancy Karetak-Lindell, Federal Member of
      Parliament for Nunavut is an Inuk who was born in
      Arviat, Nunavut. Nancy always tries to be in
      Arviat for the Canada celebrations on July 1st.
      Here she is on the steps of the Arviat Hamlet
      office saying a few words to voters at the 2003
      (c) 2003 George Lessard

      File Name: DSC_1473.jpg



      An Inuit elder cleans a caribou skin in her home in Arviat Nunavut.

      Ukaanaaq Mukyungnik, an Inuit elder, cleans a
      caribou skin at her home in Arviat Nunavut. Many
      Arviatmiut still prefer caribou skin clothing as
      the hair makes for much better insulation at
      below zero temperatures and the skin also acts a
      a very good barrier to wind chill.

      (c) 2003 George Lessard

      File Name: DSCN3118-v2.jpg



      Inuit in Arviat Nunavut watching for the return
      of the mushers competing in a dog team race.

      Arviat has held fast to many of the traditional
      ways and there are more dog teams still in use
      for hunting in Arviat than in any other community
      of Nunavut.

      Each year, five Arviamiut (people of Arviat)
      Inuit hunters who receive tags to hunt Nanuk (the
      polar bear) are picked at random in a draw are
      able to sell there tags back to the Hunters and
      Trappers Society of Arviat. These five tags sell
      for around $5,000 (Canadian) and are made
      available to big game hunters who, by law, can
      only hunt Nanuk with a dog team. This hunt brings
      in much needed money to the local economy.

      Note the jet passing overhead on its trip from
      Europe to the West coast of North America. March

      (c) March 2003 George Lessard

      File Name: DSCN3176.jpg



      The Inuit woman's Amauti

      Jessie Kaludjak of Arviat, Nunavut in her
      traditional Amouti showing off her love of
      traditional ways for the Canada day festivities
      July 1, 2002.
      Image & Text (c) 2002 George Lessard

      File name: DSCN1880v2.jpg



      Protecting traditional Indigenous designs

      Pauktuutit <http://www.pauktuutit.on.ca/> the
      non-profit association representing all Inuit
      women in Canada has been trying to protect Inuit
      individual and collective intellectual property
      rights to the design of the traditional Inuit
      woman's Amouti. Agaaqtuq Konek (left) her
      grand-daughter (centre) and Emma Konek,
      Agaaqtuq's daughter, were getting ready to
      participate in the "Traditional Clothing"
      competition... part of the hamlet of Arviat's
      Canada Day celebrations. July 2002
      Image & Text (c) 2002 George Lessard

      File Name: DSCN1871v2.jpg



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