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*Nunavik** Inuit take Formal Control over Thousands of Northern Islands * from Nunavut

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  • George Lessard
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      From: "Brad Martin" <research.north@...>
      Date: Mon, July 21, 2008 12:16
      To: "George Lessard" <media@...>

      Hi George,

      Here's the text:
      *Nunavik** Inuit take Formal Control over Thousands of Northern Islands *

      *Press Release*

      * *

      *Kuujjuaq July 17, 2008-*The official signing ceremonies and Royal Assent in
      the Parliament of Canada happened months ago. But in practical terms the
      Nunavik offshore land claim really came into effect late last week, when the
      first cheques arrived at the Makivik headquarters and Inuit Land titles were
      formally registered.

      The Nunavik Inuit offshore Claim may accurately be described as the silent
      land claim, although its impact will be felt for generations, and its terms
      are just as significant as the initial Northern Quebec Inuit land claim
      signed more than 30 years ago.

      Negotiations to resolve the Nunavik Inuit Offshore Land Claim lasted more
      than 14 years which is an indication of the complexity of a land claim or
      modern treaty that covers the offshore areas, and includes more than 6000
      islands in the east Hudson and Ungava Bay area of Northern Quebec and
      include overlapping claims and interests of four Governments, and four
      separate aboriginal organizations.

      Fundamentally, the Nunavik Inuit Offshore Land Claim Agreement may be viewed
      as an extension or unfinished business in terms of the initial James Bay
      Northern Quebec Inuit Land Claim signed in 1975. That claim provided 90
      million dollars in compensation and parcels of land with Inuit ownership.
      These same principles are included in the Offshore Claim, that encompass
      thousands of offshore Islands, many of them too small to be seen on maps,
      that were excluded from the 1975 claim.

      "These Islands are essential to the overall traditional land use and
      occupancy by the Inuit of Nunavik, who live in 14 communities scattered
      along the Coast of Hudson and Ungava Bays" said Pita Aatami President of
      Makivik, the Inuit Corporation responsible for negotiating and administering
      the claim on behalf of 10,000 Inuit of Northern Quebec.

      "I have often used the analogy that these islands have been our grocery
      stores and shelters, and we will continue to look at them in that way" said
      Mr. Aatami, "but now we can also view them in the modern context of future
      economic development and job creation for our communities in terms of
      expanded fishery opportunities or mineral exploration".

      The offshore claim will provide close to 100 million dollars in payments
      over the next ten years. The monies will be divided between the Makivik
      heritage trust, which invests money for future generations and the Nunavik
      Inuit Trust that invests funds for community development initiatives as well
      as direct payments to beneficiaries.

      The total land mass of the six thousand or more islands, amounts to about
      5300 square kilometres.

      The legal land title for eighty percent of that land mass is now registered
      in the name of Makivik on behalf of the Inuit of Nunavik. The Federal
      Government retains ownership of the other 20 percent. Much of the federal
      lands encompass wildlife preserves. The Government also owns the sea bed,
      but Inuit are entitled to royalty sharing on future resource development on
      federal lands within the claim area. Inuit also have sub surface rights on
      the Inuit owned lands.

      The islands will be managed by three joint management Boards that include a
      Wildlife Management Board; an Impact Review Board and a Planning Commission.
      These entities will balance the aboriginal Rights of the Nunavik Inuit, The
      Inuit and Government of Nunavut, the Government of Canada, and overlapping
      claims by the Cree of Quebec, and other Inuit interests in Labrador.

      "Because there are many players, these were long and complex negotiations"
      said Mr. Aatami, "and the successful conclusion is due to the determination
      and hard work of our negotiating committee led by Makivik Vice President,
      Johnny Peters who said "we always knew we owned the Islands, because our
      people have always used them.

      It's good to have a clear picture of where everybody stands now so we can
      move forward with future developments"

      "This claim will bring direct financial benefits to our communities and
      beneficiaries beginning immediately" added Mr. Aatami. "Makivik will begin
      an immediate consultation process with the communities to determine the most
      appropriate way of distributing the initial payments to Nunavik residents".

      There are several opinions on the table, including immediate relief form the
      increasingly high cost of fuel and other relief from high cost of living.

      In the past 30 years, Makivik has used the money from the initial Land Claim
      to invest heavily in community infrastructure and business enterprises that
      including ownership First Air and Air Inuit. A fuel distribution company,
      interests in arctic marine shipping company, operating the North Warning
      System of behalf of NORAD and more recently Nunavik Creations a northern
      clothing company and Arctic cruises, offering eco and adventure tours of the
      Hudson Bay and eastern Arctic.

      "We are determined to use the terms of this claim, combined with the
      experience and investments gained over the past 30 years from the initial
      claim to make the Inuit of Nunavik stronger, politically, socially and
      economically said Mr Aatami."

      Additional Information

      Whit Fraser

      Makivik Head office

      819 964 2925


      Kitty Gordon

      St-Laurent Office


      ext. 215

      On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 9:13 AM, George Lessard <media@...> wrote:

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      > > See attached Makivik press release on new offshore land claim deal. From
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      > >
      > > See herewith a Communiqué from Makivik Corporation, which represents the
      > > Inuit of Nunavik, Northern Quebec, regarding their recent Offshore Land
      > > Claim Agreement negotiated between the Inuit of Nunavik and the
      > Government
      > > of Canada.
      > >
      > > For further information, please contact Kitty Gordon (Inuk trilingual:
      > > Inuktituut, French, English), Communication Officer at Makivik
      > Corporation
      > > at 514-745-8880 (k_gordon@...).
      > >
      > > Thank you.
      > >
      > > DONAT SAVOIE
      > >
      > > c.c. Jean-François Arteau, Legal Counsel and Executive Assistant to Pita
      > > Aatami, President of Makivik (jfarteau@...).
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      > > > Salut Donat,
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      > > > Voici pour ton information.
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      > > > JFA
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      > > > Please see attached.
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      > > >
      > > > Kitty Gordon
      > > > Communications Agent
      > > > Makivik Corporation
      > > > 1111, boul. Frederik-Philips
      > > > 3rd floor, St-Laurent, Qc
      > > > H4M 2X6
      > > > (514) 745-8880 ext. 215
      > > >
      > > > k_gordon@...
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      Brad Martin
      Northern Research Network

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