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Call for submissions for book on Aboriginal Film

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  • George Lessard
    Hello, please post and forward: Call for submissions Contributions are sought for a book project that provides a Native voice and/or an American Indian Studies
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      Hello, please post and forward:

      Call for submissions

      Contributions are sought for a book project that provides a Native
      voice and/or an American Indian Studies approach to teaching key issues
      surrounding producing, accessing, and using Native American film and
      media imagery. The primary goal of this project is to: highlight Native
      responses to representation in popular culture; spotlight a growing
      Indigenous aesthetic and media community; create a model for critiquing
      Indigenous representation from an Indigenous perspective that is readily
      accessible to film courses in American Studies, Cultural Studies,
      English, Film Studies, and American Indian/Indigenous Studies; and
      provide access to Native media, particularly animation and films that
      are difficult and expensive to acquire.

      Topics might include the following:

      ● Native responses to how Hollywood and mainstream cinema impact
      Indigenous lives and communities
      ● The impact of popular culture on Native and non-Native
      ● How Native communities use and access Native media
      o as a new form for transmitting and expressing cultural
      o as an art form
      o as a vehicle for cross-cultural community building
      ● New forms of Native media
      ● How production and filmmaking infrastructure and aesthetic
      choices open up our understanding of film meanings. This topic could
      take a variety of forms from close reading Hollywood film to studies of
      Indigenous storytelling style in film
      ● Pedagogical strategies for teaching Native film and media
      o Integrating discourse from different fields (film studies,
      Indigenous Studies, visual Anthropology, etc.) in talking about Native
      o Using interviews with Native filmmakers to highlight their
      voices and stories about how their films are made

      Book editors will work with authors to cultivate a select group of
      clips for inclusion on a DVD or within the text. The collectionÂ’s
      editors are Eric Buffalohead, Augsburg College, Joanna Hearne,
      University of Missouri-Columbia, and M. Elise Marubbio, Augsburg
      College. The Minnesota Historical Society Press is currently working as
      project publisher.

      Contributors should submit a scholarly paper, 15-25 pages long,
      including endnotes and bibliography. Abstracts of 150 words by
      September 1 and completed paper by December 1, 2008. Send to:
      Eric Buffalohead and Elise
      Marubbio, marubbio@... <mailto:marubbio%40augsburg.edu>
      College, buffaloe@... <mailto:buffaloe%40augsburg.edu>
      115 hearnej@... <mailto:hearnej%40missouri.edu>
      2211 Riverside Avenue
      Minneapolis, MN 55454

      M. Elise Marubbio
      Assistant Professor, American Indian Studies
      Director, Augsburg Native American Film Series
      CB 115
      Augsburg College
      2211 Riverside Avenue
      Minneapolis, MN 55454

      Kathleen Buddle-Crowe
      Associate Professor
      Anthropology Department
      University of Manitoba
      Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 5V5
      Tel. 204-474-6525
      Fax 204-474-7600

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