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3188VIDEO: Why #YZF #NWT is the best place to watch the #AuroraBorealis #Arctic #environment

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  • George Lessard
    Aug 6, 2013
      *Why Yellowknife NWT is the best place to watch the Aurora Borealis.*
      I recorded the lecture and uploaded it to YouTube.<http://youtu.be/1SF8ArIj8Cc>

      "�.*Doctor Yohsuke Kamide* has been studying the Aurora over the last 50
      years while working at Nagoya University in Japan. He says he has *been
      coming to Yellowknife to view the Aurora *since the early 90's. "Since then
      I have come here maybe 10 times, simple because Yellowknife is the best
      place in the world to view and study the Aurora and because of that I try
      to promote Yellowknife."�"
      - See more at:

      *Science explains Japanese love affair with Northern Lights* by Mike W.
      Bryant > Northern News Services
      Yellowknife (Mar 06/02) "� A Japanese physicist explained last Wednesday at
      the Explorer Hotel why they are so enraptured with the dancing lights, and
      dispelled some other myths.
      *Dr. Yosuke Kamide says fat wallets and a desire to procreate under a sky
      ablaze has nothing to do with the attraction.*
      "Aurora can be regarded as a big TV screen," said Kamide, one of 800
      scientists in Japan dedicated to the study of aurora borealis.
      "It is telling us all kinds of stories about the universe."
      "Under the aurora, Japanese think about the universe where they came from."
      The Japanese, who live in a country where sightings are rare, venture
      abroad in the belief that through the aurora borealis secrets about the
      universe may be revealed. �."
      RT @northern_clips: Science explains Japanese love affair with Northern
      Lights http://ow.ly/nFyUC

      *YouTube* http://youtu.be/1SF8ArIj8Cc 58:27

      *Still photos available *
      Doctor Yohsuke Kamide, Nagoya University Japan (l) - James Pugsley,
      Astronomy North (r)

      Intro by James Pugsley,
      President of Astronomy North
      Starts 00:01:36
      ENDS 00:08:12
      Doctor Yohsuke Kamide begins
      Research Area
      Aurora breakup
      HILDCAA = High-Intensity, Long-Duration, and Continuos Auroral Activity
      Three key elements in appreciating auroras
      Key Questions regarding Auroras
      Particularly: Why do aurora move in that fashion?
      "Yellowknife: The best place in the world to see and appreciate auroras �
      in terms of latitude,
      One of the best places in the world...
      Stable weather in the winter time...
      Relatively weak magnetic field strength�"
      Messages from auroras
      Talk Ends, Questions begin

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